Veggie Appetizer Lab -recipes and resources

One of my all time favorite labs. Each group prepares a different app and then we set up an app buffet.

Bruschetta. Click here for great tips for making it even better.

Microwave Spaghetti Squash w/tomatoes and balsamic.

Sweet Potato Fries

Kale Chips

Spinach Balls


*Yes- avocados and tomatoes are scientifically fruits, but for our cooking purposes we consider them vegetables.


Veggie Pizza

1 can refrigerator crescent rolls
4 oz. cream cheese
2 T. Mayo or miracle whip
2 tsp ranch seasoning mix
Veggies: Any combo you would like. We used grated carrots, chopped peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and tomatoes.

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
2. Prepare “crust” Roll out crescent dough so that it makes a large rectangle. Prick with fork. Bake 10 min.
3. Prepare “sauce” mix: cream cheese, mayo, ranch seasoning.
4. Chop and grate vegetables.
5. Once the crust is cool to the touch spread the sauce over the top. Add vegetables in an attractive design.